Leigh006912364-002Andrea K. Leigh Consulting is a strategy consulting firm focusing on unlocking brand potential on Amazon.  We work with brands of all sizes and in all product categories to help them accomplish their goals on Amazon.

We focus on the brand’s core business fundamentals, such as pricing, assortment, profitability, customer shopping experience, and product availability – as well as proven best practices and “tricks of the trade” – to drive a step change in their Amazon business in driving results on Amazon.  Our data-driven approach helps brands understand, evaluate, and measure, and implement key opportunities for their businesses.  We also focus on a heavy dose of education to empower brands to successfully and efficiently drive their Amazon business.

We also help brand successfully navigate critical issues such as managing negotiations with Amazon, CRaP (Can’t Realize any Profit), search optimization of product pages, supply chain challenges, and maximizing the potential of Amazon’s marketing platform, such as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

With over a decade of experience working at Amazon leading various retail categories, Amazon in their retail businesses, Andrea K. Leigh and her network of experienced associates bring sound, proven best practices to brands.

We offer the following services to help your brand maximize its online potential:

  • Business audits, including pricing, supply chain/packaging, site experience, marketing, negotiations/terms, competitor analysis, and resourcing your online business
  • Go-to-market strategies, helping brands launch their online presence at Amazon
  • Amazon training – how to maximize your brand on the Amazon platform, which fulfillment model is right for you (retail, FBA, 3P), and best practices in the industry