How Brands Can Navigate Today’s Dynamic E-Commerce World

The ecommerce boom during the pandemic brought some challenges with it, such as effectively tracking the digital shopper journey and addressing potential supply chain issues that arose from the increased volume of online purchases. Andrea Leigh and ECRM’s Joseph...

E-Commerce Trends and Shopper Expectations: Health & Wellness

E-Commerce Trends and Shopper Expectations: Health & Wellness was hosted by Patrick Spear, President & CEO of GMDC Retail Tomorrow. What many may have thought was merely a response to the pandemic is now becoming a driving force in the retail sector. Brands...

2020 Predications for Amazon During the Pandemic

With everything that has changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, how has the marketplace outlook for Amazon changed? Is this Amazon’s moment in healthcare? Which predictions are now even more likely to come true due to COVID-19-driven market situations? And, how will...
Andrea K. Leigh Consulting Amazon Strategic Advisor

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