Amazon Q1 2023 Earnings Recap

I’m *real* happy with this quarter’s earning results, Amazon. Just real happy! Some highlights: Nice profit rebound, Amazon! Net Income +3.2B, Operating Income $4.8B. Worth noting that after they roll off severance payments, they will have...
Chat GPT on Digital First Strategy

Chat GPT on Digital First Strategy

I asked ChatGPT to write a 250-word essay on the importance of consumer brands adopting a digital-first strategy. This is un-edited, but parts I thought were particularly good are starred. Not bad ChatGPT! “In today’s increasingly digital world, it has become...

Amazon Q3 2022 Earnings Recap

Here’s a recap of Amazons Q3 2022 Earnings Report: The Results Revenue strengthened, especially in online and physical stores, which added $3B this quarter and grew 7% y/y. Net Income of $2.87B wasn’t a great story, expecially since about half of this is a...
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