Digital Underground Podcast Disruptions to Brand Building

To all established CPG leadership, here are four lessons from disruptive brands from our recent clubhouse chat with Sean Riley of DUDE Products and Dave Crosby of Wyze (+ a link to the recording!)


  1. DISRUPTIVE BRANDS ARE HIGHLY CUSTOMER-FOCUSED. Dude Products positions itself as one “of your buddies in the room.”
  2. DISRUPTIVE BRANDS TAKE RISKS. Sean started his business out of his apartment in Chicago, Now they’re giving Charmin a run for their money.
  3. DISRUPTIVE BRANDS TARGET ECOMMERCE #PLATFORMS LIKE Amazon AS LAUNCHPADS. They provide a level playing field for new brands to change the rules.
  4. DISRUPTIVE BRANDS ESCHEW TRADITIONAL MARKETING. Wyze, for example, uses Reddit, Inc. forums to let customers vote on product development.
Andrea K. Leigh Consulting Amazon Strategic Advisor

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